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About Us

Established in 2019, Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA) is the sole agency recognized by the Malaysian Government with the responsibility to monitor the innovation activity in the nation. Our objective is to bring together all innovators and researchers together and be the platform to facilitate and monitor the innovation activity in Malaysia.


We are an association that is responsible to establish the proper structure and forms, guidelines, accreditation and regulations pertaining to innovation that oversee the whole innovation activity landscape. Our purview includes the academia (from secondary schools to higher learning institution), industry, entrepreneurs, skills training centre and all related government or non-government bodies that engage in the innovation-related activity.


1. To inculcate interest towards technology and innovation among Malaysians

2. To invite researchers and innovators from within Malaysia and overseas to share their ideas in innovation

3. To act as a platform to transmit information and updates on innovation to our members and society

4. To be the database center for information related to innovators and innovation from within Malaysia and overseas

We aspire to make Malaysia an innovative country that withhold passionate, dedicated, progressive and proactive innovators that continuously pursue towards cutting edge technological advancement and be the world leader in new technology creation.

Knowledge sharing, collaborate,celebrate and innovate.

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