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ENT600 Students won RM1,400 in Tech-Create PrIDe 2023.

Tech-Create PrIDe 2023, a technology and innovation competition, was held on January 19 at Bilik Perdana in UiTM Cawangan Pulau Pinang. A total of 152 participants from various UiTM campuses participated in the open and closed categories.

The competition was fierce, with 32 participants winning bronzes, 78 winning silvers, and 39 winning golds. Additionally, 10 consolation prizes worth RM100 each were awarded for each category.

The competition also featured prizes for 2nd runner-up, 1st runner-up, and champion for each category. The 2nd runner-up prize was worth RM200, the 1st runner-up prize was worth RM300, and the champion prize was worth RM400.

The champion of the competition also received a special prize from Digital Penang, worth RM1000.

The Tech-Create PrIDe 2023 competition was a success, with many innovative and creative technology projects being showcased. It was a great platform for students to showcase their talents and creativity. The competition was a great opportunity for participants to gain recognition for their hard work and dedication to technology and innovation.

List of award winners for Open Category and UiTMCPP Category click here.


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